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Using My Professional Skills To Act on Climate Change
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I made a conscious effort to use my professional skillset (what I do for work) to do something about climate change... I am proud to have been one of the producers of the film CANARY, which we hope, via Lonnie's incredible life story will inspire more people to do the seemingly impossible!

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Making a film of any kind is not an easy endeavor, and as much as it seems like the industry (Hollywood) is fully onboard to doing anything we can about climate change, we found over and over again that people in positions of power to help felt disillusioned, disinterested or did not think audiences care enough to warrant their support. What I learned is not everyone is up for every fight, and that's fine. It is important to source and partner with people who genuinely care about the underlying issue or issues you care about (or our film is about) to make it happen. In the global effort to combat climate change, it seems no different. Making a film is one of the greatest exercises in collaboration I have had the luxury of being a part of. The bigger fight seems like the same mentality, but on a slightly bigger scale.

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