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Discover the multitude of steps and impactful choices that individuals like you can make to create a positive difference. From small daily changes to larger collective efforts, this campaign is your guide to playing an active role in preserving our planet, addressing climate change, and preserving a priceless piece of history of our planet.


Preserve The Cores

Make a donation to preserve existing ice cores and help pave the way for the much-needed renovation facility - which was built in 19xx. Your donation will also help make rooms for new ice cores and provide support for the ongoing study.


Ask questions and engage with peers

Ask questions and engage with peers to support the preservation of invaluable climate data stored in ice cores. Your active involvement not only safeguards our environmental heritage but also contributes to the collective effort to combat climate change and global warming.


See how Canaries are making a difference

Inspiration leads to action! We have created a home to highlight like-minded CANARIES around the world who are doing something, anything they can to combat climate change. Find inspiration through examples. Be the example and share your actions to become an inspiration for someone else.

Preserve the ice cores

“There’s a priceless history of the planet of the Earth, frozen in time and stored in a freezer at Ohio State.”

Preserve the cores

See how canaries around the globe are making a difference

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