Wilmer Sanchez Rodriguez

project title
Black carbon measurements in Peru's glaciers
Engineering (Various Specializations)
Environmental Services and Conservation

My work consists of collecting snow samples in the glaciers of Peru, to estimate the degree of contamination by black carbon particles, a type of aerosol from the burning of forests, the transportation sector and any activity that uses fossil fuels. The results indicate that black carbon deposited in Peru's glaciers increases during the dry season and more dramatically during the EL NIÑO phenomenon. Likewise, glaciers located near densely populated cities are more contaminated by black carbon.

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what did i learn

Through this project I obtained my professional degree in environmental engineering. I obtained privileged knowledge about the presence of black carbon and its impact on Peruvian glaciers. I participated in several expeditions led by Lonnie Thompson, even extracting ice cores from the highest tropical glacier in the world.

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