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Interview with Director Alex Rivest, PhD:

CANARY- a little birdie told me.. go see this film Green Docs

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A rainforest standoff with tribal leaders, deadly denial, and a real-life Indiana Jones: CANARY, a new documentary film, drills down on the real story of global warming lying far beneath the deluge of data.  We interview director Alex Rivest, an MIT-trained neuroscientist who teamed with Danny O’Malley (Netflix: Chef’s Table) in his film debut, to chronicle the life of legendary glacier scientist Lonnie Thompson: from his roots in coal-country West Virginia to his pioneering research penetrating remote ice peaks in Peru and beyond. Join us as we muse on bringing the power of storytelling to science – and learn why Lonnie’s tireless quest to reveal Earth’s memories etched in ice may just be our truest compass for a livable future.

But first, the Green Docs tell of Congress members urging investigation of oil companies and their the long-running campaign of deception, a Taiwanese presidential candidate wanting to boost the country’s birth rate by giving away puppies and kittens, and the surprising sale of Hostess foods, makers of Twinkies, for over five billion dollars.  Yes, that’s billion- we don’t get it either.

Listen in and you’ll want to go see “CANARY,” opening for one night, Wednesday September 20, at 150 theaters nationwide- check the Show Links to find your tickets.

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