CANARY featured at Climate Week NYC 2023

Sep 24, 2023 6:15 AM EDT

Sunday Today in New York

tips off today at barclays at 1:00. >>> and happening today, climate week in new york city wraps up with the movie screening of "canary," a film about scientist race to save ice masses from global warming. the theme of this year's climate week is we can, a call of action to do it together. and that is what protestors did in more than two dozen cities and states from coast to coast. last sunday nearly 80,000 took to the streets of new york to demand an end to fossil fuels. and also governor newsom announced a lawsuit was filed against the big oil companies for, quote, lying about climate change. >> too many wildfires, too many droughts and floods. this is a serious, serious moment and we cannot address this issue with all due respect to all the conversations and panels unless we get serious about addressing the issue. and the issue is fossil fuels and the issue is tdeceit from these companies. >> and the companies say climate change should be addressed by congress, not the court system. >>> all right. you know, when it comes to storms and how we cover them